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About La T'Ash :

Growing up with parents who are very much involved in soul and country music, I got interested in music at a very earlu age. They also tried ans succeeded in educating me in classical, opera music. I started playing flute at an early age. By also learning myself how to play didgeridoo I put some swing in my music. When I got my own stereo I soon started to record tapes and mixes from the radio. As a teenager my nephew Bob Snoeijer alias B.O.B.Ltd.opened up my musical horizon. He was a DJ and producer for about 20 years, and he became a great inspiration for me. It was around 1992 when I started visiting party's and clubs. I just got to dance and mix with all sorts of people who are one happy crowd, having a good time on the dancefloor. I did a course of go-go dance and also tried my hand at Tribal Belly Dance, which in the end suited me better.


Since september 2010 I did some workshops (DJ school Zuid-Holland, DJ Bo Risky). I don't limit myself to one style of music, but mainstream this will be electronic music in broadest sense. Basically, I like everything that touches my soul. Keywords: Harmonic mixing, sophisticated, nice melodies, trippy sound, delicious drive and danceability, DeepHouse, Dubstep, Techno, Minimal. I think this makes it an experience for ears, mind and heart.





Live painting and DJ set @Kieveen Wonen, Loenen. Christmas Market



Live painting and DJ set @Kieveen Wonen, Loenen. Special Friday!


Live painting and DJ set @Kieveen Wonen, Loenen. Special Friday!


Dubstep Set @Freakstock Festival Borgentreich De.